Pam: My Virtual Coach

Meet Pam, my avatar for my learning modules. In e-learning, the term “avatar” can also refer to a type of virtual coach. This virtual coach is an important storytelling device for presenting an e-learning lesson. It gives users a character to connect with, in much the same way a student would seek guidance from instructor in a more traditional setting. The avatar also can become the scenario’s narrator, building up a story’s drama that rests on the user’s choices and consequences, that will further engage learners and encourage knowledge retention.

I hand drew Pam on drawing paper, and using Adobe Photoshop, traced the outline and colored the character in.

Paper Prototype

Paper Prototyping is a prototyping method in which paper models are used to simulate computer or web applications. This is my paper prototype for an eLearning interface and lessons modules on understanding cyber-bullying for adults.

PowerPoint Slides

This is from a project for my Graduate Class at PSU on Micro-Learning. I had to present using Skype, and include an interactive icebreaker. Notice I created a sushi-themed style to present micro-learning as “bite sized” information.

This PowerPoint is from creating a Branching scenario for my eLearning and design project for my Graduate Class at PSU. Learners help guide a mother and son through a cybebulling problem. “Pam”, the onscreen guide, I hand-drew each image when I wanted to express her reactions to decisions made by the user.

Action mapping is a visual approach to analyzing a workplace performance problem and designing solutions. This methodology was created by Cathy Moore. Using these steps, I created an “Action Map” to present and solve the learning scenarios for my eLearning modules.

The task was creating an interactive pitch for creating a multi-day workshop. I presented this to my Graduate Class over Skype. The PowerPoint is designed around clicking on the stationary tabs, and having the screen smoothy transition between subjects. This way my audience can switch between tabs at will while I was talking.

I created this PowerPoint for an grant provided by Broward County Waste and Recycling Services.  This PowerPoint was apart of an outreach program teaching students on how they can integrate the three “R”s of recycling into their everyday activities.