I had to make sure to put something other than the generic post here. This place is a work in progress and a personal project. I have always shied away on creating a digital footprint for myself. I guess starting out I wanted to make as little ripples as possible when I first started using the internet.  I remember way back when the Internet was not just AOL Online; IRC was the main method of chatting along with ICQ for instant messaging. It was great, I could chat and role-play and no one knew it was me. I quickly just stuck to the chat-rooms I became familiar with, mostly the RPG ones. A lot of people ran Dungeons and Dragons, White Wolf, and home-brew role playing games on IRC. This was my jam back in the early 2000s. It was fun not being me, I was a: time-traveling space wizard, a sullen vampire hunter who loved the monsters she hunted, and a lost orphan who stowed away on a pirate ship. I felt like I made real connections without letting anyone know who I really was, and it was liberating. But as much fun it was, I was so afraid to leave any trace of the real me.

The real me: the kite-collecting, book reading, the short and stout corgi of a person, me. Would anyone identify with such a person? I think I am ready to not just create a digital footprint, but more of a first step to a journey. I know I have a flair for telling stories, creating artwork, and finding adventure in the world around me. I hope you can accompany me as well; maybe we can make footprints together and break a new trail for others to follow.



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